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Orbax and Pepper Do A Podcast

Feb 28, 2024

HELLO!!! Super excited about this episode! We were finally able to sit down with one of our favourite musicians ever Lenny Lashley!

Lenny is an icredible artist, you may know him from Darkbuster, The New Darkbuster, Lenny and the Piss Poor Boys, Lenny Lashley's Gang Of One or any of his other musical adventures. We get...

Feb 20, 2024

On this episode we talk with the one and only Torure King! This man is the reason we do what we do! 

Not only do we talk sideshow but there is some serious movie nerd talk in this one! We talk movies, sideshow, music and of course we discuss the new and amazing documentary Circus of the Scars! Such an honour to be able...

Feb 3, 2024

Comin' in hot...literally!!! On this episode we talk to hot pepper eating machine Mike Jack. Mike is a League Of Fire World Chilli Eating Champion, multiple Guinness World Record holder and most recentley appears on the new Hulu and Disney + series Superhot! Lots of spicy goodness on this one. Hear what it takes...