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Orbax and Pepper Do A Podcast

Oct 21, 2022


It's a #Schlocktober update! WE talk gigs, Terror Town, and our upcoming show in Hamilton on October 27th (use code p0dcast for $5 off). Then we're joined by Brad from Deadly Grounds Coffee Canada and he fills us in on the world of horror coffee! We talk about horror conventions, when Brad nearly died as a human ham sandwich, and Return of the Living Dead! And of course, as always, we profess our love for Shock Stock and Jake. Follow @deadlygroundscanada on IG and head over to for some tasty brews!

Don't forget to head to the comments section of Garth Marenghi's Dark Place YT videos to see if anyone bothers to post there too!

If you are looking for us you can find us on IG @sweetpepperklopek and @the_great_orbax or at the newly minted @monstersofschlock . Schlocktober t-shirts are in stock so hit us up to get one. Limited run and they are moving FAST! And follow the kids science show @orbaxandpepperdoscience on all the socials!

Don't forget our sponsors Hella Hot Hot Sauce! Follow them on IG @hella_hot_hot_sauce and the Hearty Hooligan! You can follow Hamilton's best restaurant for vegan goodies on IG @theheartyhooligan .

Stay safe out there everyone and don't forget, Daddy don't jam bro.