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Orbax and Pepper Do A Podcast

Mar 22, 2022

EPISODE 69!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just in time for their Grand re-re-RE-Re-re-opening, our guest this week is Ben Lovatt from the Prehistoria Museum and Skull Store!

Ben runs the largest oddities store in Canada, and a museum located in downtown Toronto dedicated to educating people on the strange and unusual.

As long time listeners can assume this episode is an absolute nerd out. We talk mummies, the Manhattan Project, the space race and get into a little bit of two-headed critter chat.

In the area and interested in visiting the museum? Maybe you're in the market for an oddity, or two, or fifty. Follow Ben on IG @natural_selections or on FB .

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If you are looking for us you can find us on IG @sweetpepperklopek and @the_great_orbax . ALSO don't forget to follow the kids science show @orbaxandpepperdoscience on all the socials! 

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Stay safe out there everyone and don't forget, Daddy don't jam bro.