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Orbax and Pepper Do A Podcast

Nov 9, 2021

We're back!

This episode starts off heavy with a discussion of what's been going on with us lately, but we get into the laughs quickly when our guest The Checkerboard Guy joins us!

Checkerboard Guy has been performing around the world as a juggler and busker since the 80's and has recently taken the dive into starting his own nano-brewery out on Vancouver Island. We talk street performing, cruises, the need to control and beer!

You can follow CBG on IG @thecheckerboardguy and follow the brewery @checkerheadbrewing .

If you are looking for us you can find us on IG @sweetpepperklopek and @the_great_orbax . AND follow the kids science show @orbaxandpepperdoscience on all the socials!

Don't forget our sponsors Hella Hot Hot Sauce! Follow them on IG @hella_hot_hot_sauce and The Hearty Hooligan! You can follow Hamilton's best restaurant for vegan goodies on IG @theheartyhooligan and follow Hamilton's other best vegan restaurant and live venue People Under The Staircase follow them on IG @thestaircase .

Stay safe out there everyone and don't forget, Daddy don't jam bro.