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Orbax and Pepper Do A Podcast

Aug 18, 2020

Episode 9!

Today we talk with one of our favourite people in the world...Craig Glenday, Editor in Chief at Guinness World Records.

Craig is the driving force behind the annual GWR compendium that you see in bookstores every year and was the genius behind the Science and Stuff book!

In this episode we talk about EVERY strange, weird and amazing record that's come through Craig's purview and catch up on old times!

Love this guy and this episode! Craig is an interesting follow on social media as you can well imagine. Give him a follow on twitter @craigglenday or more importantly go and listen to his podcast Record Of The Day! It's a great ten minutes to start your morning with by hearing about the officially amazing achievements of humans across the globe.

If you are looking for us, follow Pepper on IG @sweetpepperklopek and Orbax on IG @the_great_orbax or go ahead and follow our kids science show which we talk about the origin of in this episode @orbaxandpepperdoscience

Be safe out there kids, wear a mask and wash your hands!

And always remember... Daddy don't jam, bro.