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Orbax and Pepper Do A Podcast

Aug 11, 2020

It's episode 8 and our two month anniversary, there's two of us, and multiply that by 2 and you get 2 cubed...8!

This episode is a biggie! We talk to the Vegan Monster himself, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein of the Misfits!! 

Doyle has been a massive influence on both of us since we were teens, and it was an absolute pleasure to talk with him and we are so grateful he had the time for us. We talk about pasta, protein and what it's like to play to 100 000 people!

We touch on a lot in this podcast but if you wanna score yourself some Doyle merch head to 

If you are looking for his Vegan Monster Protein you can find it here

And of course give him a follow in IG @doylewolfgangvonfrankenstein

If you are looking for us, follow Pepper on IG @sweetpepperklopek and Orbax on IG @the_great_orbax or go ahead and follow our kids science show @orbaxandpepperdoscience 

Be safe out there kids, wear a mask and wash your hands! 

And always remember...Daddy don't jam bro.