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Orbax and Pepper Do A Podcast

Nov 17, 2020

Episode 22! 

This episode we get an opportunity to chat with the Podfather himself, Richard Herring!!

Comedian, stone clearer, self playing snookerist and now Twitch impresario, Richard has been one of our favourite podcasters for over a decade at this point. We chat about his appearance on the latest season on Taskmaster, we talk Tipping Point, and also discuss the reality of where comedy is right now and where it's going.

The sheer volume of content he creates is impressive and it's incredibly funny as well so do yourself a favour and check him out on Twitter @Herring1967 on IG @rkherring1967 or watch him live stream on Twitch 

And don't forget our sponsors Hella Hot Hot Sauce! Follow them on IG @hella_hot_hot_sauce 

If you are looking for us you can follow Pepper on IG at @sweetpepperklopek and Orbax on IG at @the_great_orbax . And follow the kids science show @orbaxandpepperdoscience on all the socials!

Stay safe out there everyone and don't forget, Daddy don't jam bro.

Special secret bonus! 8 years ago we were guests on Richard's Edinburgh Podcast, check it out here!