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Orbax and Pepper Do A Podcast

Oct 20, 2020

Episode 18: Black Fawn 

Don't you know? It's always Fackest before the Blawn!

It's our first gang episode with 3 guests this week! Rolling through #schlocktober we chat with Canada's indie horror movie wunderkinds Black Fawn Film's Chad Archibald, Benner and Chris G!

We've known the boys in Black Fawn for close to 15 years now and have watched them grow from struggling artists to cranking out over 30 feature big name studios like Lionsgate!

We talk about following your dreams, working hard to hustle, and of course the glory of Shock Stock!!!!!

Follow Black Fawn online at and and on IG at @blackfawnfilms and @blackfawndistribution

We also plug our new sponsor Hella Hot Hot Sauce! follow them on IG at @hella_hot_hot_sauce

If you are looking for us you can find Pepper on IG at @sweetpepperklopek and Orbax on IG at @the_great_orbax and follow the kids science show at @orbaxandpepperdoscience on all the socials!

Stay safe out there everyone and don't forget, Daddy don't jam bro.